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    only christian open letters

    An Open Letter to the Only Christian


    Dear only Christian, you are spectacular.

    Your bravery in the face of such disorient and backlash is breath taking.

    I look at you and assume that you would have self-pity, but you are righteousness with clothes on.

    You walk in turmoil, behind enemy lines daily and yet, you carry your cross in humility.

    Girl, I can’t stress to you how much you are so enough. When your dearest, closest, family tells you that you are broken, that you are missing something, that you are crazy, that you are proud, that you are whatever, whatever, whatever they come up with know this. YOUR FATHER ADORES YOU.

    He knows how hard it is to walk where there is no acceptance. He knows what it feels like tipping through those egg shells. There was a point in His life where he had to run and hide away sometimes to.

    But no one has to hide anymore. No one has to tread lightly for fear of stepping on their lost little toes. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AFRAID.

    Because although you are in a valley, and maybe one of the hardest valleys of your life, your death valley, you are far from lost and you are far from lonely.

    Millions of people have experienced what you are experiencing and you are following in the footsteps of the Son of Man, who walked in valleys often.

    You are may be the only Christian in your home, your family, your city, but you are NOT LONELY. You are counted as greatness, as righteousness, as FOUND. Through the hands that were pierced for your sins, comes the knowledge that nothing this world says to you, does to you, or participates in near you, that you are found. That you are FOUND in Christ.

    And you have the most important job in the world. The job that Jesus gave us when He left earth. The job to tell the world. To tell YOUR world about the love that He’s poured out on you. To tell your world that THEY CAN BE FOUND TOO.

    Don’t be discouraged. Your God FOUND you.


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